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Dresden experiences

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City bus tours

Discover Dresden comfortably with the double-decker buses. These take you to all the highlights of the city. You can hop on and off at 22 stops and explore the city according to your own interests and individual pace. Or enjoy an exciting city tour in a red double-decker with live moderation by native Dresdeners.

Boat trips on the Elbe

You will get a special view of Dresden on deck, one of our numerous boat trips across the Elbe! Upstream, you will enjoy on board a paddle steamer or salon ship of the Saxon steamship, the impressive silhouette of the historic Old Town, the Elbe bridges, the famous Elbe castles, romantic vineyards and impressive villas. We show you Dresden from the ship or historical paddle steamer.

City tours

Immerse yourself in the history of Florence on the Elbe. During a city tour, you will be introduced to the sights of Dresden and the Saxon way of life in a competent and entertaining way - and who could do that better than Countess Cosel or Augustus the Strong?


The Frauenkirche Dresden is considered the landmark of the city. The Protestant - Lutheran church looks back on a long, eventful history. Are you restoration? Does it shine in new splendor. The name of the church is an abbreviation of the original name "Church of Our Lady". This refers to St. Mary. In linguistic usage at that time quickly became Frauenkirche.


Discover the impressive history of the Semperoper, that before full ends of the arts and crafts and the unique flair of the opera world. Just let yourself be enchanted by the richly decorated rooms of this glamorous opera house. Learn everything about its eventful history, its artists and its secrets - as a highlight, the impressive auditorium with over 1300 seats will finally open up to you. Immerse yourself in the world of the Semperoper!


Dresden is one of the most important art cities in the world - if only because of the Dresden State Art Collections. Numerous museums offer something for everyone - whether for children, art, history, or science enthusiasts. Experience a unique, thematic variety from collections, the Saxon electors and kings - and that directly in the world famous sights of Dresden. We will arrange a visit to one of these wonderful museums of Dresden for you!

Christmas Garden

Embark on a magical journey with the onset of dusk and let yourself be enchanted by the Christmas glow of lights in Pillnitz Palace & Park! Discover with your family and friends a winter oasis in atmospheric and romantic atmosphere. Enjoy the Christmas season and do not forget to round off your visit with a hot mulled wine and seasonal delicacies!

Dresden Zoo

You always wanted to know what the lions in Dresden Zoo are called or which orangutan is the most patient? Find out! Embark on an interesting tour and say hello to the Cuban flamingos, koalas and Kordofan giraffes. Dresden Zoo is an adventure in itself. Exciting experiences or a break from hectic everyday life are always on offer for you and your children at Germany's most diverse zoo!

Wine hikes

Impressive views, the first sparkling wine press in Radebeul, Loschwitz Elbe slope stories, the vineyards in Pillnitz and delicious wine or sparkling wine tastings - you can experience and enjoy all this on a wine walk or sparkling wine tour in Dresden and the surrounding area.